10 brand new pc programs worth downloading now [2021/2/7]

We try, then select, and then review the best among the best. This is a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes to prepare a new topic within the series of the best programs of the week, as there are hundreds of thousands of programs for Windows and new ones are released every day. This week was full of distinctive programs, after we reviewed 5 programs last week, today we have a batch of 10 programs at the summit of excellence that I will advise you to view now, especially as they are completely free programs and their size is small and work on any Windows computer.

1- Deskreen software

It is a program through which the computer screen can be displayed on the phone wirelessly, whether to monitor any task being performed on the computer or to directly display a video clip from the computer on the phone screen. Deskreen is completely free and multi-platform, as it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and displays the computer screen on any Android phone or iPhone without installing additional applications from the store.

The program is very simple, after installing it and running it for the first time, it displays the steps that must be performed to connect the computer to the phone wirelessly, the first step is to scan the QR code displayed on the program window using your phone's camera, or enter the IP address shown in the browser application on the mobile. Then the confirmation message will be displayed on the computer, agree to allow a connection between the phone and the computer. Finally, decide whether you want to share the entire screen or just a specific program window open.

In the end, what appears on the computer will be mirrored on the phone screen within the browser, and you can activate the full screen mode, adjust the display quality, turn off the sound..etc. Note that you do not need to install any external applications, but the only condition is to keep both devices connected to the same network or router. [تحميل البرنامج]

2- IObit Undelete Program

It is a new program in the category of deleted file recovery programs developed by a well-known and reliable software company, IOBit Undelete is completely free and does not need to be installed (Portable) and has a simple graphic interface that makes it very easy to use it to recover files that were deleted by mistake, regardless of the reason.

Once you run the program, the first thing you need to do is select the types of files you want to recover, then in the "Select File Location" section specify the location where the deleted files you want to retrieve are located. You can choose the entire hard disk, a specific partition, a flash attached to the device, or even SD Card. Then, you press "Scan" to start the scan process, which takes only a few minutes to display the list of deleted files that were found.

IOBit Undelete displays deleted files in sections arranged according to file type for easy access to specific files. You can also click the "eye" icon to preview the file content. Anyway, then all you need to do is select what you want to recover and press "Recover" and then select the folder in which you want to save the files.

All in all, IOBit Undelete is a great and effective way to recover accidentally deleted files. According to our experience, the program has succeeded in restoring all the photos that were recently deleted from the flash memory in the original resolution, so there is nothing to stop you from trying it. [تحميل البرنامج]

3- CLaunch program

It is a program that aims to organize the desktop and at the same time make accessing your favorite programs faster. Instead of creating a mess of program shortcuts, you can try CLaunch free program to create organized groups of favorite programs and open them easily.

After installing CLaunch, a miniature icon of it appears next to the clock on the taskbar, just left-click it to open the shortcuts panel. By default, the Shortcuts panel has 3 pages where you can place up to 10 programs per page, knowing that more pages can be added when needed. On the first page, you will find that CLaunch displays shortcuts related to system tools, which you can leave or delete as you like.

To add a new shortcut, right-click in an empty place inside the panel, then choose "Register Item" and in the window that appears, add the executable file (exe) for the program or select the file, folder or any item you want to create a shortcut for on the CLaunch panel. And in case you want to add a shortcut to a program, if you don't know the location of the executable file, CLaunch gives you a quick way which is to click on the "Existing Windows" button and then click on the window of the program you want to add, so CLaunch automatically detects the program's executable file.

You can also control the program settings to provide more ease during use, so you can change the theme of CLaunch and run programs under certain conditions, or assign a shortcut for each program so that it can be opened without the CLaunch panel and so on. In general, it is an excellent program for organizing the programs and folders that you use most often on your computer. [تحميل البرنامج]

4- PDF Unshare

It is a program designed to protect your PDF documents from unauthorized sharing or access, PDF Unshare is completely free and provides a reliable way to ensure that the data, information and content in a PDF document is protected without complication.

PDF Unshare does not offer any additional benefits and even the graphical interface is simple because the program is aimed at only performing one function, so things will be very easy for beginners. Once you run PDF Unshare, the user needs to add the PDF files to be protected, then you can add a watermark (not fixed) to the document or make the file only open on one device, and you can also set the expiration date of the file so that anyone can see the document and read it on Any device up to the specified expiration date.

After completion, you can choose whether to save a new copy of the document in PDF format, which the program allows you to protect with a password that is used every time when you open the document. Or create a UPDF copy of the document, which is the best option to take advantage of protection features such as restricting the number of times the file is opened or setting its expiration date, knowing that UPDF files will only display their content through a program UPDF Reader On a computer or phone.
Overall, PDF Unshare is an excellent and unique solution if you are looking for a way to encrypt PDF files in a few simple steps. [تحميل البرنامج]

5- Delete Multiple Files program

It is a program that helps you to mass delete a number of files or folders from different places on the computer with the click of a button. Delete Multiple Files is free, light, and can be used without installation to accomplish what its name suggests "deleting multiple files" from your computer in a simple way.

The program's interface isn't cluttered with redundant menus, buttons, and options, so it's suitable for beginners as well. When you run it, you get a simple window where you can add the items that you want to permanently remove, either by dragging and dropping or by pressing the Add button to add any number of files and folders from various places. You can delete the videos that you no longer need in Partition D and then delete some pictures from Flash memory, get rid of unnecessary work files on Partition E, and so on.

Among the great functions of Delete Multiple Files is that you can simply insert unnecessary files from the Local and App Data folder so that temporary software and system data are disposed of to save space and easily. Just hit the Add button and then select Environment Variables and choose the places you want to delete the unnecessary files from.

Finally, after collecting all the files, press the Delete All button and you will be in the news! As the deleted files will not appear in the Recycle Bin. All in all, the program is very useful and time-saving when you want to delete many files at the same time. [تحميل البرنامج]

6- MoveFileHere program

It is a great program to move files from one folder to another in Windows faster than drag-and-drop or Copy and Paste, with the free MoveFileHere you can move files from a specific folder to a second folder with just the F7 key.

The program does not need to be installed, you just run it and it will work in the background directly. By default, the program monitors the Downloads folder so that when you press F7 and then Enter in any folder, it moves the last files saved in Downloads to that folder. To change the folder being monitored, right-click on the "MoveFileHere.ini" file created after running the program, then choose "Edit" from the menu to open the Notepad window, so that you can then add the path to the folder you want to monitor in the "SourceFolder" line. After that you must save the changes by pressing Ctrl + S and restart the program.

Now, when you want to move files from the watched folder, just open the folder where you want to move the files and press the F7 key to move the last file saved in the folder being watched. Note that you are not allowed to move only the last saved file, if you press "F7" again, the penultimate file will be moved, and so on until there are no more files in the watched folder.

If you want to move files from other folders, you can create a second copy of "MoveFileHere.exe", say "MoveFileHere1.exe", and format its ini file with another folder and another shortcut key instead of F7. But overall, MoveFileHere offers a different approach to transferring files on Windows. It can be especially useful for users who frequently move files from one folder to another. [تحميل البرنامج]

7- CrowTranslate Program

CrowTranslate is a free program to translate text into different languages ​​from the desktop. CrowTranslate works on Windows as well as Linux and provides a simple way to translate text without opening a web browser.

The interface of the program is very simple and is divided into two parts to display the source text and the translated text side by side. To start using, after running the program, its miniature icon will appear next to the clock on the taskbar, click on it to display the main window where you choose the native language and foreign language for the source text, then you do a Paste for the text in the left pane so that the translation appears immediately on the right pane. But this is the basic way to use the program, as you can use it in other ways, such as selecting text from within any program, say Word, and then pressing Ctrl + Alt + E to display the translation in a popup or as a notification.

With CrowTranslate, you can also switch between different translation engines, as it supports Google, Bing and Yandex translations, as well as being able to hear and transcribe the translated text and the original text with ease. So all in all, Crow Translate is a good option for making text translations right from your desktop. According to our experience, it works well and offers great features that make it worth a try. [تحميل البرنامج]

8- RBTray Program

It is a program that aims to reduce the clutter and clutter in the taskbar after opening a number of programs and adding many icons. RBTray is completely free, does not need to be installed, and has the perfect solution to this problem by adding open programs to the notification area or the System Tray on the taskbar (next to the clock).

The program is only 91 KB in size, and once it is launched it will run silently in the background, there is no user interface or control window nor anything! But if you do open Task Manager, you will find it there under the Processes section. To get started, just right-click on the Minimize or Minimize button represented in the minus sign (-) at the top of the program window. After that the program will be minimized and displayed in the notification area on the taskbar. You can do this with any number of programs, and to set the window again you can left-click on the program icon.

This is all about the program, but despite its simplicity it is very useful and works well, it is very easy to use and consumes less than 1MB only to run. [تحميل البرنامج]

9- WinSlap

WinSlap allows you to control dozens of Windows 10 settings quickly and from just one window. The program is completely free and does not need to be installed, but to run it you will need to right-click on the run file and choose Run as Administrator to act as administrator.

After running WinSlap, you will see a list of options that can be disabled or activated in Windows 10. For example, disabling Cortana, OneDrive, built-in clipboard or timeline, in addition to activating the old photo browser (Windows Photo Viewer) ... and many more. You can also go to the "Appearance" section to control the appearance, such as hiding the search in the taskbar and returning the Windows 7 volume adjustment window ... etc. There is also a "Software" section for downloading a batch of essential programs in one go.

All you have to do after selecting the options is to press the "Slap" button to implement the specified changes in Windows 10, but before that the program will display a warning stating that it is not responsible for errors resulting from system modifications. Click "Yes" and then the system will restart to complete the changes.

Overall, WinSlap is a good Windows 10 tuning tool, and it appears that it was originally designed to be used after installing Windows 10 or after purchasing a new Windows PC. [تحميل البرنامج]

10- TaskRunner

It is a free program for Windows that allows you to easily automate certain tasks, such as running programs at a specified time. The idea of ​​TaskRunner is to provide a more user-friendly alternative to Windows' Task Scheduler so that even a novice can schedule tasks on the computer without having a hard time achieving it.

Once installed, the program can be accessed by double clicking on the mini icon next to the clock on the taskbar. To create a new task, press "File" and then New Task, or press Ctrl + N to open the Task Scheduler window.

In the "General" tab, enter a name for the task and specify what you want to do. You can have it open a program, send emails, restart and shutdown the computer, back up files, monitor processes, and so on. As an experiment, to automate the running of a program, choose "Run Executable / Open File" and specify when you want it to run. You can run it daily, weekly, once, etc.

Then in the "Action Options" section, specify whether you want to run a program or open a file, click the "Browse" button and select the file you want to open or the program's run file (EXE). Finally, in the "Advanced" section, you can set several useful options, such as receiving an email notification when a task is executed or has failed. You can also enable push and audible alerts. Once the task is created, click "OK" and close the program window. The program will continue to run in the background, automatically performing the scheduled tasks.

Ultimately, TaskRunner provides a simple way to automate various tasks in Windows. It also contains many features that you cannot find in Windows Task Scheduler, such as an email notification. [تحميل البرنامج]

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